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(Silver Edition)

ViralPDF silver edition lets you rebrand links, text and hyperlinks inside your PDF without limitation.

Platforms:Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista
Category:Affiliate Tool to Promote Your Products
Released:November 2002
Updated:December 2008

ViralPDF Silver Edition Screenshots

Click on an image below to enlarge the screenshot..

Welcome Screen

This is where you can select to:

  • Display all Tagged Text & Links
  • Display all Hyperlinks in PDF
  • Open your Rebrandable PDF

Enter Password Dialog

Encrypted PDFs are supported but you need to enter the PDF password into the ViralPDF Signer tool.

End users Rebranding your Encrypted / Password protected PDFs do not need to enter a password.

Display Tagged Items Screen

  • Display tagged text & links
  • Hide duplicates
  • Set default values
  • Sort by any column

Display All Hyperlinks Screen

  • Display all links & hyperlinks
  • Set which links are rebrandable
  • Hide links that contain -8- tags
  • Hide duplicates
  • Hide plain-text links
  • Create Rebrander

About Box Screen

  • Display product version
  • Display registration information
  • Check for updates
  • Check license key is valid

Example Rebrander Created

  • Preview unbranded PDF
  • Modify rebrandable text
  • Modify rebrandable links
  • Modify rebrandable hyperlinks
  • Modify rebrandable emails
  • Save changes /Rebrand PDF

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