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PDF Printer: The Leading PDF Creator
PDF Printer lets you create professional PDF Documents quickly and easily.

Platforms:Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista
Category:PDF Converter to create PDF Documents and eBooks
Released:April 2006
Updated:December 2008
Free Edition Professional Edition

Why Choose PDF Printer To Create My PDF eBooks?

Convert your documents to PDF from any of 250 different formats.
  Whether you’re using MS Word or Appleworks, Quark XPress or Publisher, Internet Explorer or AOL, or just about anything else currently available for a Windows-based PC, our PDF Printer can instantly convert your documents to PDF.
WYSIWTG—What You See Is What You Get.
  Your PDF Documents display the same professional layout you created in your source documents. This means you can create tables, bookmarks, newpaper columns, add images, etc in your document and they are displayed the same way in your PDFs.
But that’s just the beginning, with PDF Printer, you can also:
Create clickable hyperlinks, quickly and easily, to open webpages.

A hyperlink is text or a graphic that, when clicked, displays or connects to other information.

For example, it can be linked to a URL — an Internet address — either the home page of a Web site or some other specific page. Or it can link to an e-mail address. Or it can link to a document on your hard disk or network. Hyperlinks usually appear as colored (e.g., blue), underlined text, unless otherwise specified.

Prevent the copying of text from your PDFs when they’re viewed.
  If, for any reason (e.g., you charge for data), you permit viewers to read your documents but not copy the text, this on/off PDF Printer option can add a scrambler. When enabled, viewers who attempt to copy any of the text or graphics from your documents, for pasting into other applications or a clipboard, will end up with unreadable codes.
Secure your documents with tough, 128-bit encryption.

Now you can securely protect against cyberspace crooks—or anyone else who wants free access to documents you don’t want them to see (for reasons of privacy or profit). PDF Printer uses 128-bit encryption to guard against unauthorized access by anyone, anywhere, any time.

So whether you’re creating different price lists for different customers, confidential memos or reports, eBooks you plan to sell, or anything else, PDF Printer makes it easy to restrict access.

Enjoy simple, 1-click password protection.

With PDF Printer, all it takes is one click to incorporate a password into any document. And you can have an almost unlimited number of passwords (for different visitors) for the same document—so it’s perfect for marketing tests, membership programs, or any other purpose.

You might even require one password to view a document and other passwords to print it, copy it, revise it, add comments, fill in forms, or sign it electronically.

Combine text and/or graphics from different sources into one integrated document.
  Whether you’re creating a Web site, print ad, eBook, newsletter, schematic diagram, legal document, or anything else, PDF Printer makes it easy to combine a variety of elements into one, good-looking document that you can send to others with confidence that WYSIWTG.
Scan printed materials using OCR software, then create PDF files.
  Want to save magazine articles, book excerpts, letters, legal documents, etc., as electronic files that can’t be altered accidentally or purposely? Simply scan them into your computer, and then use PDF Printer to save them as tamper-proof PDF files.
Download Web pages and convert them to PDF documents.
  Want to download Web pages—yours or someone else’s—for later review? To guard against unwanted changes or deletions, use PDF Printer to save them as PDF files.
Add your own watermarks to PDF documents
  As a warning against unauthorized use, to indicate different versions, or simply as a nice extra touch, watermarks (a/k/a stamps) can be easily applied to any or all pages in your PDF.

Some examples:

To apply a watermark, simply choose an existing PDF or create a new one. Its content is what is stamped onto whichever PDF document you indicate. (Please see Screenshots for more details.)


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