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PDF Printer
(Professional Edition)

PDF Printer lets you create professional PDF Documents quickly and easily.

Platforms:Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista
Category:PDF Converter to create PDF Documents and eBooks
Released:April 2006
Updated:December 2008

PDF Printer Professional Edition Features Overview

PDF Printer Pro is the perfect solution that brings
Professional PDF Creation to your fingertips.

There are no limits when it comes to the size or number of PDF Documents you want to create. It converts over 250 different file formats into PDF and can customize those PDFs to display your content exactly as you want.

Hyperlinks (eg: http://www.Datagenn.com)

Now you can direct your readers to any website page you choose with ease. PDF Printer Pro automatically gives you the Power to include clickable Hyperlinks in your PDFs when created from MS-Word Documents.

Merge Multiple Documents

To convert many documents to one PDF, simply leave the PDF Printer Pro Window open and 'print' your other Documents to the PDF Printer as usual to create one PDF containing many documents combined.

You can merge as many documents into one PDF as you like, you can even merge existing PDFs into one PDF as well. The list of documents you are merging is displayed so you can change their order and remove any if needed.

Encryption & Security

When you put a lot of effort into creating your Document the last thing you need is a thief stealing your content.

Now you can encrypt your Document, set passwords to view your Document and disable functions such as copy & paste, high quality printing and modifying content.
Password protected PDFs are now only 1 Click away.

Stamps and Watermarks

Stamp your Documents with any stationary you like. Common examples are Documents stamped with text such as 'Draft' or 'Confidential'.

Watermarks (also known as stamps) can be applied to individual pages or to all pages in your PDF.

To apply a watermark simply choose an existing PDF, it's content is what is stamped onto your own PDF.

Attach & Embed Files

Now you can attach files to individual pages of your PDF Document. These are handy when you have related drawings or Documents that you want to share.

All you have to do is Double-Click on the attachment to view it. You can even add a title, author and description to your attachments.

Attachments can be attached to individual pages or to the entire PDF Document.

Set PDF Document Properties

You can set your PDF Document Title, Author, Subject & Keywords for your readers to view and search engines to index.

If you're creating a PDF from MS-Word these fields will be filled automatically from your MS-Word Document. You can still change them if you wish.

Set PDF Viewer Settings

You can be proud of your creation when it looks exactly how you want it using the Page Layout tab.

Configure your PDF to open on any page you choose and also set the initial zoom level.
You can even display your pages in two-page or two-column mode if you're creating a brochure.

Set PDF Display Settings

Add a professional touch to your PDFs and present them exactly how you want.

Now you can set how your PDF is displayed (eg: Full-Screen mode or Normal mode) as well as show or hide any panel you choose (eg: Bookmarks, Thumbnails, Attachments & Content-Group panels).

Not only that, you can also show or hide the menubar, toolbar, user interface and more.


Save time when you're in a hurry. Automatically eMail or open your new PDF by selecting your choice in the 'Actions' tab.

Also save disk space by compressing your new PDF Document as soon as it's created. It's not zipped up so you can still double-click on it to open it.

PDF Printer Pro does not require any external tools such as Adobe Products or
the .net framework to run.


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