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PDF Locker
PDF Locker lets you encrypt and secure your PDF contents at the push of a button.

Platforms:Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista
Category:Affiliate Tool to Promote Your Products
Released:February 2004
Updated:November 2008

Why Choose PDF Locker To Encrypt And Secure My eBooks?

Adobe’s PDF file format has become one of the most widely used file formats in the world. But even though it is used extensively by individuals as well as small, medium and large businesses, most users still fail to secure or encrypt their PDF documents to ensure only the intended recipient or recipients have access to the file’s content.

These are costly – and potentially disastrous – mistakes just waiting to happen.

In today’s world, data is an incredibly important part of your business – as valuable as money. And just like your company’s earnings, it shouldn’t be available to just anyone.

PDFLocker can be used to quickly and easily encrypt and secure any PDF to protect your valuable information and it is much more effective than other current alternatives:

Using password protection within Adobe PDF to attempt to secure documents is cumbersome and provides a low level of security.
Buying Adobe Acrobat is over 23-times more expensive than PDFLocker – and PDFLocker contains all the same security functions as the full version of Acrobat, including...
the ability to limit printing, changing and copying functions as well as setting passwords and then some.

PDFLocker is Ideal for …

Internet Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses who want to protect the intellectual property contained in their ebooks, newsletters, special reports, etc.

PDFLocker has also proven immensely valuable to:

Accounting firms and CPAs who want to exchange confidential financial information with their clients
Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions who want to send confidential information to customers
Healthcare Organizations who want to send patient information in a secure manner and comply with patient privacy rules
Technology firms that want to protect their confidential electronic documents and files
Law firms that want to protect client confidentiality
Pharmaceutical and biotech firms that want to protect proprietary and confidential information
And many, many more!

Simply Put, There is No Better – or Easier – Way To Safeguard Your Important PDF Documents!

Only PDFLocker allows you to:

Protect vital intellectual property, such as ebooks, newsletters and special reports … you will no longer lay awake at night wondering if someone out there is profiting from your or your client’s hard work and, in effect, stealing money from you!
Reduce costs associated with printing and sending paper-based documents … printing and mailing costs can really add up, just think of all the money you will be able to save with PDF Locker!
Eliminate liability from sending confidential information that is not protected or encrypted … that’s right with PDF Locker you will be able to eliminate all worries about having your important business information stolen!
Protect key data for products that have not yet been patented … after all, what’s more important than the future of your business? PDF Locker helps ensure your future success.
Provide PDF document creators and recipients with a simple to install and easy-to-use PDF security solution … You’ll be amazed at how something that provides so much security can be so simple to use!
Work more effectively with larger firms who use email extensively … looking to boost your profits? PDF Locker provides you with a secure, convenient way to quickly and easily exchange important information with large companies!
Enable researchers and developers to collaborate and share confidential information via PDF documents … concerned about the security of sensitive business data being exchanged by employees? PDF Locker will put an end to those worries!
Conveniently meet requests from clients and business partners to exchange data via electronic means … imagine being able to send emails with complete confidence that only authorized users will be able to view your attachments. PDF Locker will turn that dream into a reality!
Provide secure electronic, real-time reports to appropriate officials and executives via Internet download or email … being able to quickly and securely provide this information electronically will free up your time for other important matters, such as growing your business!
Streamline communication processes between partners, associates, and clients … streamlined communications mean reduced costs!
Provide users with a high level of PDF security (128-bit RC4 encryption) … with PDF Locker your PDF documents are secure and there are no ifs, ands or buts about it!


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